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Twitter Adds a New Way to Share Tweets From the Web

Twitter Adds a New Way to Share Tweets From the Web

by Emily Price, mashable.com
November 15th 2012 11:40 PM

Starting soon you’ll be able to share tweets via email, directly from Twitter's website. A feature already present in the mobile app, you'll be able to send a tweet to anyone directly from your Twitter stream or the details of a particular tweet, regardless of whether or not the recipient is a Twitter user.

In addition to sending the tweet to a friend, you can also opt to add a personal comment to go along with it. The comment is sent along in the body of the email rather than on Twitter itself, allowing you to comment about a tweet without making those comments public.

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The feature will slowly begin rolling out to Twitter users over the coming weeks, and will be available via a “More” button beside the Reply, Retweet and Favorite buttons currently below each tweet on the web.

In the Twitter-provided screenshot, “Email Tweet” is the only option that appears under the More button. Twitter creating a "More" drop-down menu, rather than simply adding an “Email” button, however, may mean that we’ll be able to do even more with tweets in the future.

Will you use the email functionality on Twitter's website when it becomes available? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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