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iPhone 5 Has Already Been Jailbroken [Updated{

iPhone 5 Has Already Been Jailbroken [Updated] | Sep 21st 2012

We’ve breaking news. It looks like iPhone 5 has already been jailbroken.

It has been less than 24 hours since Apple’s new iPhone 5 went on sale and iOS jailbreak developer Grant Paul a.k.a chpwn has posted a screenshot of iPhone 5′s taller Home screen with Cydia installed on it. 

Few minutes back he tweeted:

Taller screens like Cydia too.

He later confirmed that it is indeed jailbroken.

This is good news for jailbreakers as it also implies that iOS 6 can be jailbroken on the newer iOS devices. Currently it is possible to only jailbreak iPhone 3GS and A4-based iOS devices such as iPhone 4 and iPad 2.

It is not clear if the issues with Cydia and fundamental modules like PreferenceLoader have been fixed.

It is impressive that Paul has managed to jailbreak iPhone 5 on the day of its launch, we must admit that based on the status of the iOS 6 jailbreak, we were least expecting it.

Paul has developed popular jailbreak tweaks such as Zephyr.


For all those who questioned the authenticity of the above, Paul has provided more proof:

Here’s the Cydia homepage on the iPhone 5:…

— Grant Paul (chpwn) (@chpwn) September 21, 2012

Some people wanted the bottom row of text from Cydia, or a photo of the device itself:…

— Grant Paul (chpwn) (@chpwn) September 22, 2012

Original Page:

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