Saturday, January 26, 2013

"For the record, your father didn't leave ME, he left YOU" // draft

An open letter to my mother, Karen CON. 

From: ELyssaD™ 
Date: January 25, 2013, 11:17:28 EST
To: ELyssaD 
Subject: Fwd: "For the record, your father didn't leave ME, he left YOU" // draft

You're going to be famous. I saved all your letters, including the one you sent Grandma in 1995 wishing her dead too. 

Now that I have signed with a book publisher, we decided about six months ago to publish all your disgusting, hateful letters to, well, pretty much everyone. 

Well, the whole world is, and has been watching since you disconnected my phone and sold my car for a whole month (in August) while you and your charming new husband were busy remodeling the house Grandpa bought you and throwing every last memory of me, Lauren and Marty since you "don't want a single item or memory" of any of us. 

So, after reading your VICIOUS texts and emails that I have saved since 1995 I decided to go ahead with the book since so many people want me to publish it. 

I *WAS* waiting until you were either too old or dead to spare you the pain and embarrassment that you would be feeling if you had a conscience. 

All I asked yesterday was that you take Lauren instead of your loser husband to Atlanta. Just because YOU have disowned both your children and every other blood relative, it is cruel and childish to get forbid (us) from speaking with one another. That is what you failed to realize after all these years. Your attempts to create tension by intercepting commutation between my sister, my father, your mother, my uncles and any one who dares to speak to someone you have -- 

Begin forwarded message:

From: ELyssaD™ 
Date: January 21, 2013, 5:24:49 EST
To: ELyssaD 
Subject: Fwd: "For the record, your father didn't leave ME, he left YOU"

Wow. Just, wow. 

No one to send it to. Not yet. She never even read it. 



Begin forwarded message:

From: "ELyssa D. Durant"
Date: September 30, 2012, 2:17:19 AM EDT
Subject: "For the record, your father didn't leave ME, he left YOU"

Thanks for the email after I finally decided to go for a walk and enjoy some peace and quiet in my new home.

Here is what I have to say:

It started with one condition, "Don't tell your father or sister."

Now we have a problem because you won't shut the fuck up.

Why do still care what my father says if he was as miserable as you say?

You would not allow me to use the telephone or play music for 22 days. Now that I had time to process the information and speak with reliable, informed and honest individuals, here is what they had to say:

"She is clearly hiding something. It sounds very fishy. Doesn't she know that's public record?" -Auntie

"Don't even go near her." -Daddy

"Again??" Witness 1996-2010

Documented case file:

"Ms. Durant's mother has history of accessing her health care records and calls my office weekly to discuss HIPAA protected information.  I told Ms. Weisbart to stop calling my office, and advised her to seek psychiatric help." 1999-2002 (they consulted to discuss YOUR unnatural need to gain access to MY records.

"Your daughter is right. She is over 18, and without her consent I can discuss the results with you." -Endocrinology 1995   

"Elyssa's emotional and physical health clearly decline in the presence of her mother. Relevant medical history reveals a pattern of neglect and abuse that continues into adulthood."

"As Elyssa's doctor for over eleven years, I am fully aware of her condition and have reviewed the results of a comprehensive neuropsychological evaluation.  It is my professional medical opinion that Elyssa should be in full control of her own benefits since her parent's involvement prevent her from obtaining proper medical treatment and complicates her ability to  coordinate benefits." 2010

Well, now you've done it again. So here we go!

9/30/12 1:24am

Totally derailed my progress by sending email accusing me of "vicious assaults" so let's set the record straight.


You made me choose less than 48 hours ago between my cat, my passport, birth certificate, PC, and medication or food which were inside the apartment and literally dangled the keys in front of my face like I was some sort of animal begging for treats.

That is SICK. I told you, that I needed to get inside to get my phone, food and medicine. You said, "No. You can not go inside. You may have in the car until 10pm or maybe find your own transportation on Monday."

I had to choose. My health and sanity or my cat. I chose a stray cat over you and your precious "things" because that is how little I value your approval or judgment.

I told you in no uncertain terms you were endangering my physical health by denying access to food, medicine, and exposed me to toxins that caused a severe reaction.

Your response? "Oh well. I guess you'll just have to decide which is more important."

What the fuck is wrong with you?

I was playing nicely, and you just had to start bitching at 9:18 pm on a Saturday night after the hell you put me through less than 12 hours earlier?

"This is what you get. Nothing. You're on your own." Karen Kahn 9/29/12

Go away.

I'm not afraid of you or your militant husband.

I have you on video forcing me to sign a lease under false pretenses.

You will NOT like to see me any more disgusted and determined than I am right now to expose you for the fraud that you are.

Since you don't respond to any of the urgent messages or emails I have sent  since 9/13/12 I won't bother to send it to you. I'll send to all your friends instead. The same way you sent naked pictures YOU took of my body to everyone when I got destroyed the body YOU gave me when I was in college.

I still have a copy somewhere. I have ALL my medical records on PASSWORD protected CD in case you try to use this to accuse me of lying or your favorite excuse,  "being mean."


I have never hit a single person in my life and have never hit you back when you have psychotic fits of rage that have included sharp objects.

YOU are the problem.

And don't try another one of your "suicide" watches and call your friends to come check on me.

I would never consider suicide despite what you told me at Grandpa Al's funeral, "I would understand if you committed suicide since you are such a financial burden to me and society."

Well, fuck you!

I may not have the life YOU dreamed of, but I have what I need.

A purpose.  

Just to make it crystal clear, if for no other reason, I would never hurt or kill myself even if I wanted to because I would never give you the satisfaction.

You are stuck. This is what you get when you do the same thing over and over again expecting different results. Insanity. And you can keep it. You are 65 years old and you care more about a pair of JEANS than your own flesh and blood.

Bat shit fucking crazy.  

You have two children, four brothers, a mother and father who found  you SO vile and toxic, no one wants anything to do with you.

-ALL my doctors concur. YOU are the problem. If you don't like how I turned out, perhaps it is a reflection of your poor parenting skills. You failed.


After the Yom Kippur incident, someone asked,  "Is there any way you can do an intervention for your mother? She obviously needs help."

I responded, "No. She has alienated every member of her family and nobody cares anymore. She is not worth it."

I later justified that statement by saying that since you get suicidal or "sick" every time you see or don't see me, I am clearly a threat to your sanity.

You claim that I made you and your "poor husband" sick and blame me for your suicidal ideations as well as ruining your marriages and your life.

Have it your way. I will gladly give you exactly what you want. And for those who "know" the whole story realize the best gift I could give you or to myself  is goodbye.

So that is where we stand. I have less than standard hotel accommodations, "here are two towels. You can only have one."

No problem. I would rather have nothing than have you're tattooed make up and liposuctioned ass outside anywhere near me or my property.

You get what you give. Nothing.

Now go away and don't come back unless you have three independent psychiatric evaluations for me to review and a straight jacket on.

You are VIOLENT and vicious and I don't trust you or anyone who is crazy or stupid enough to buy the "poor Karen" act and put up with your bullshit.

Listen to me! It's not worth it. Save your time, money and any shred of self respect you pretend to have. I am done.

Like everybody else.

Remember the "DO NOT CONTACT ORDER" from 1995?

It is on my records that you are NOT to  be contacted or have ANY say in my life or death or medical decisions.

It was filed when I lost my home and you turned off my phone because I didn't call you back during a REAL emergency.

It was filed with the federal government  to prevent exactly this. My benefits were cancelled the day after you forced me to sign a makeshift lease under duress against legal and medical advice.

November 1, 2010. The same month you filed a claim for all the "stuff" you blamed me for ruining in a few short weeks, and the same items you said your renters damaged last season.

Go fuck yourself.

That's a duplication of benefits and it is illegal.

You got the most expensive estimates for insurance adjusters and went with cheapest, quickest subcontractors you could find.

I'm not stupid. At least I read contracts (and taxes) before I sign them.

Learn from your mistakes.

Quit while you're ahead.

You bought your "not so secret" property and received a claim check 11/1/2010 for renovations.

Sliding glass doors
Door Knobs

I don't have an MBR. Obviously your "to do list"  is for YOU.

The claim paid the exact same items  you filed as damaged when I WATCHED you remove them from YOUR condo and put them into mine so you could double dip and upgrade another one of your bourgeois pig lifestyle. It was no sacrifice. It was fraud.

"Non negotiable?"

"Non refundable?"

"Labor Day sale"




Enough is enough.

You cannot stalk, "hover" or inspect my litter box or my patio for smoke three times a day OR week just waiting for the first opportunity to force or lock me out (again) or play some psycho game like you did yesterday forcing me to chose between MY property, my cat, or my medicine.

"Good faith?" No such thing.

Not with your history.

You are already harassing me, violating the lease and property mgmt rules and were talking about forfeiture before I even moved in.

Fancy legal term for somebody who doesn't even realize that property transfers are public record. Already available to ANYONE on the Internet.

The "Deed" is already done.

So. Are. We.

Only so many claims you can make in any policy year.

SO, I documented move in conditions for MY protection since you are already violating my rights by refusing to hand over keys and are not responding to calls from your tenant who was approved by on 9/20/12 and filed with the Circuit Court since you told Management I was moving in on the 22nd of September.

I am in, and I have no intention of leaving so you can forget about that.

Don't push me.

"You're on your own." -Karen Kahn 2:18pm

I sent MULTIPLE emergency texts regarding MAINTENANCE questions.

Is that what I can expect from an experienced Landlord who has more than one property in the exclusive, members only PGA Cuntry Club?

"I'm going to give to give her a taste of her own medicine." -Karen Kahn minutes before you nearly killed both of us trying to smack me and drive at the same time.

Don't you realize it is UNACCEPTABLE to allow YOUR husband to threaten physical violence against your own children?

It was unacceptable when I was five, it is UNACCEPTABLE now.

"I'm going to smack you in the fucking head if you come out here." That was overhead and recorded by someone local. That makes four witnesses.

Now, if you hadn't just sent me that email at 9:19pm after refusing to answer URGENT questions regarding the property and CONTRACT issues, I would not have just spent over an hour on YOUR bullshit.

This is what you get when you constantly threaten, insult and LIE to everyone. You force me to assert MY rights under the law.

I don't care HOW "vicious" or "mean" you think I am. All I did was just a old trick from Nazi scientists!

All I did was repeat, out loud, every sentence to point out how ridiculous you sound.

It worked. You lost it!

How's that as a taste of your own medicine?

That is what YOU sound like.

Besides, don't you have more important things to do respond to the  State before they send deputies to inspect? You should reconcile your failure to pay any taxes for the income from your renters before you try to rent another property such as the one I am living in.

I signed a twelve month lease, and I will be REALLY pissed if I have to move because you can't comply with simple state and federal requirements because you used MY social security number (again) for material gain. UNACCEPTABLE.

Pretty sure you only have ten days to respond and the letter was dated 9/19/2012. You better get that fixed.

You should really learn not to enter into contracts since you don't even read them.

Now go send this to ALL your friends and tell them what horrible children you have. NOBODY cares except your "best husband ever" who you allowed to threaten and cause physical damage to me and MY property.

Maybe someone should tell him you already picked out his replacement.

How many of Adrienne's exes are you going to "land?"

You are no Adrienne, and you are no mother.

Enjoy your renovations. Again.

Your parental rights were terminated for a reason.

You were unfit then, and you are unfit now.

This is strictly a business contract, nothing more.

Your tenant,

Elyssa Durant



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