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National Bloggers Club Unmasked: Link from Breitbart Unmasked - MAY CONTAIN SBU INFORMATION

A number of right wing bloggers who claim they are the National Bloggers Club have recently been attacking Brett Kimberlin in mass accusing him of every dirty deed in the book. So, because of that, we here at BU decided to check into this National Bloggers Club to see who was behind it, and what their mission is, and also who funded who, or where the money came from to run this loose knit operation of right wing bloggers who use the internet to raise money for causes they create, and or basically wreck havoc with anyone considered an enemy of their little group.


First up is Ali A. Akbar.

Ali and his childhood friends are directors of the National Bloggers Club. However they don’t all live at this address above. I find it strange they all do not live or even work at this address, yet file corporate forms with the State and IRS that claim that they all live or reside or work at this address. The issue here is that most of these people running this company are just young kids in their early 20′s who have scant to zero business experience and seem to not know the landscape of the business world or how to operate in it. But that is just my opinion.

Then there is the affable John Dennis Pedrie as one of the Directors of The National Bloggers Club. His claim to fame was that he worked until 2010 at the Onyx Ice Arena as an Ice Rink Maintenance Man. So he went from Ice Maintenance worker to Vice President of Technology and Development at Vice & Victory, which is another Ali Akbar creation, to one of the Directors of The National Bloggers Club. Wow, sounds like he has some real corporate experience behind him.


Then we go to Devon Wills, who’s claim to fame was that he was a personal shopper at J Crew before he became the CEO at Wills Group LLC, and then later a Director of The National Bloggers Club.

Right now he is going to the all christian stud Liberty University which was founded by the Reverend Jerry Falwell, and which claims in its mission statement that it trains Champions for Christ.

There are a number of others who are in the process of signing up for a National Bloggers Club board seat; such as Michele Malkin who has also been a front runner in leading the charge against Brett Kimberlin in the media. Of course we will post more data on this organization as the crow flies here at BU. The one interesting connection was who was the money man that seeded the National Bloggers Club? Well, that just so happens to be Foster Friess. Foster is another right wing corporate billionaire who has given money to the Koch Brothers, and also claims he also helps out American Crossroads which is run by Karl Rove.


Friess has been an active patron of religious and conservative causes. He has been instrumental in keeping the political campaign of the 2012 presidential hopeful Rick Santorum alive by financing a super PAC, the Red, White and Blue Fund, which runs television advertisements on behalf of Santorum, who was unable to run a television campaign with his own funds. According to campaign filings with the Federal Election Commission, Friess’s contributions to the Red, White and Blue Fund amount to more than 40% of its total assets – or, $331,000 as of 31 December 2011.[5][6]He had donated $250,000 to Santorum’s re-election campaign in 2006, and at least that amount to the Republican Governors’ Association.[7] In the wake of the New Hampshire Republican primary, 2012, and before the South Carolina primary, Friess told Politico that he was “putting together a challenge grant to encourage other wealthy donors to give to the Red, White and Blue Fund, … he said [the fund] received a $1 million check” the day after the New Hampshire vote.[8] The Million-dollar donation was conveyed in four checks between November, 2011 and January, 2012.[6]

In addition to Santorum’s faith, pro-life stance, and hawkish foreign policy leanings, the possibility of defeating incumbent President Barack Obama was a major component of Friess’s decision to back Santorum’s campaign.[9] Friess is reportedly considering major contributions to American Crossroads in hopes to influence key 2012 senate races.[10]

Friess has also donated $100,000 to Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker to help defeat the Democrats’ recall effort in 2011. In addition, he has reportedly donated more than $3 million to the conservative commentator Tucker Carlson‘s The Daily Caller website.[7] At one of the semi-annual, private seminars held by the Koch brothers in June 2011, Friess was recognized for his donation exceeding $1 million to the Kochs’ political activities.[11]

The other interesting connection was this Yahoo News article on the private invite only meeting that started the National Bloggers Club.

James O’Keefe attending the opening bash of the National Bloggers Club and claiming Fuck the media? Well James I think you have that wrong, it’s not fuck the media, it’s the media fucks you. But that is just how I look at it.

So what do we have here? We have Foster Friess starting the National Bloggers Club with James O’Keefe attending, with connections to the Koch Brothers and Karl Rove. We also have media personalities such as Michele Malkin who is also connected to Robert Stacy McCain. We also have Ali Akbar who is connected to the rest of the right wing bloggers, and who have all been attacking in mass one guy by the name of Brett Kimberlin, who I might add has been on a many years long crusade to expose the corruption behind Karl Rove and the Koch Brothers and James O’Keefe. I would call these connections very interesting indeed. What I also find even more interesting is that they have recently been raising money for a few bloggers who they claim are under the threat of some future lawsuit, yet, they have a billionaire funding them. So my question is why do they need to raise funds for some future legal challenges when they have such heavy guns seeding them with huge resources of money? Why not just call up Foster Friess and ask him for the money to support Robert Stacy McCain and Mandy Nagy and the millionaire John Patrick Frey? Those are very interesting questions which we will probe into in the days ahead.

Stay Tuned..




god know they did it to me...

posted my address, my parents address and phone numbers. medical and financial records that were illegally obtained, ALTERED, and placed in a public folder on at least 6 servers.

that's bullshit!

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