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Suicide & #AutismAid PSA || RFI 9/13

No response. I was told to drop it because it was they wanted to focus on AFB (for profit) ventures since that was the only way they could afford to pay fees associated with becoming a legit 501c3. 

They encouraged me to recruit businesses and promised 50% commission for every sucker I signed up. It takes "5 minutes" to become an AFB affiliate. 

I did not receive one penny for any referrals or promotions and was not offered any money until after I told Tim I will not approve or sign off on Publicity Stunt staged December 5, 2012. 

That was the second time I had to intervene to save his sorry ass. He told me not to worry about it and promised money after I already resigned. He was too busy to notice. 


Money, money and more money. 


Begin forwarded message:

From: PowersThatBeat
Date: September 13, 2012, 10:47:33 AM EDT
To: Tannersdad Tim <>, Steve Hechtman <>, Zidlow Marx <>
Subject: Suicide & Autism PSA || RFI (Request for Information)

Sorry about typo in earlier post. Should be able to put together PSA about Suicide Risk Factors for ASD by Saturday. Will do it as a PAGE similar to the PSA and Press Release so I can format and use video that Zidlow is working on.


1. Looking for anonymous (and/or confidential) suicide prevention hotlines. There is a difference legally, and in my experience (I'm a trained Crisis Counselor and worked for the state) non-anonymous / confidential crisis hotlines send POLICE, Fire and Ambulance if someone calls prevention hotline.

This not only discourages people from calling but is completely idiotic and criminalizes depression and "asking for help."

2. Any anonymous or confidential support numbers for people with autism, Aspergers, ASD. I don't know that one exists. If not, I think that may be something we should lobby for as AutismAid grows. Similar to the AFB ~ I want an AFH (Autism Friendly Hotline)

It is very important me that we do not put people under the microscope so I am trying to transfer responsibility onto the PUBLIC and provide PROACTIVE solutions and ways to reduce suicide risk... Expect to hear about bullying, etc.

If you guys have any of these resource numbers, especially "Autism Friendly Support Hotlines" for friends and families of people on the Spectrum, PLEASE DM it to me or email that info.

What I need to know is if Steve / family is going to publicly acknowledge this as a suicide. It will make a HUGE difference in how I approach the PSA and whether or not I tie it in to a Press Release postponing the event.

It works better for us if they do call it a suicide so we can do full scale PSA and tie it together with the run.

I have well over 1.5 million site visits to my websites. That Press Release and kickoff campaign went straight to the top with over 154,000 views (and I was just playing...)

This needs to be handled professionally, respectfully, effectively and quickly.

I don't mind doing it. Once I'm done building the page and have video from Zidlow, I autopost and we can go viral.

Thanks so much.

I can be reached at (561) xxx xxxx if you can't reach me on my cell (I get NO signal inside my mother's home!)

Don't leave a message! I don't know how to check it!

Thanks all... Let's do this.


My name is ELyssa Durant. and I approve this message. © 2012

My name is ELyssa Durant.
There are many people on the web who may look like @ELyssaD™ on social networks and forums, but I am the ONLY Elyssa Durant in the United States of America.

I may appear strange or different, but what you may not know is that I am a statistical and genetic enigma with a genius IQ and impeccable grammar!

You may not understand everything I say or do because I may look normal, but like millions of others, I have what's called an autism spectrum disorder.

What you may not realize is that I am one of the four most brilliant policy analysts to earn an advanced graduate degree at THE top ranked (Uno Number 1) program in the United States. I have been trained by the most esteemed experts in the nation.  Trained to evaluate people AND programs in various clinical, legal and medical settings.

I spent twelve years training my mind and fine tuning my skills in the classroom and in the field so that I can evaluate YOU! Those evaluations pass muster, and I am more than competent to make formal assessments: clinically, legally and ethically.  

So before YOU judge me or jump to conclusions about who or what I am, be sure to check your facts and always consider the source.

My name is Elyssa Durant and I approve this message.


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