Saturday, December 8, 2012

Overwhelmed: Find Purpose in the Small Things by @AQuietWeek

Overwhelmed: Find Purpose in the Small Things

by A Quiet Week,
December 7th 2012

My blogging has heaved to an abrupt stop. I write unsatisfactory, incomplete posts, unable to translate my meaning into lucid words.

So, I dive into random art projects. Modest and primitive, each tiny task focuses my mind and relieves anxiety.

I will obsess over verbal perfection and hesitate to publish an unscrutinized sentence, yet I can slap gesso on a paper bag. Or doodle in ink.  I can create some small thing. It may be imperfect, unbalanced, or unsettling–but it is me.

When you feel your worst, create. Grab a marker and some stickers. Rip open envelopes and decorate them. Stamp butterflies on an old map. Bake. Sew. Organize. Do something, anything. You will be released. Even an overwhelming, disappointing day can be a success.

I share my humble fare because the process removes me from anxious dark places. Find your small things and share openly.

I often feel restless and compelled to move.

A kidney illustration reminded me of vines and flowers.

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