Sunday, December 9, 2012

A 3 Step Plan For Mobile Security

A 3 Step Plan For Mobile Security

Mobile security is a complex problem that requires a holistic approach. Mobility is here. Mobility is now. Mobility (along with cloud and social media) is one of the three new technologies that brings new productivity opportunities—and associated security risks. Add in the consumerization of IT, an explosion of corporate and personal mobile devices, and the fact that there are no simple mobile security solutions, and you have one of the major IT security strategy challenges of 2012.

The challenge is how to enable productivity and mitigate the threats, vulnerabilities, and risks in a way that strikes the best balance and lowest total costs.

Significance of the white paper Increasing one's awareness of today's mobile security risks and understanding the options for solutions are two key steps in preparing for best secucrity practices. In addition, this article:

  • Recognizes the goals of a complete mobile security solution
  • Identifies and understands mobile threats and risks
  • Provides solution suggestions for a mobile security solution tailored to your unique needs

Quote: "It's the data, not the device"

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