Thursday, August 30, 2012

DailyDDoSe™  The Aftermath SOS to the World || URGENT HUD SAFETY ISSUE! #autism


Begin forwarded message:

From: "ELyssa D. Durant"
Date: August 30, 2012 4:36:07 PM CDT
To: Campbell Dana <>, Mazer Alan <>
Cc: James S <>, Durant Dad <>, Wallace Scott <>, Durant El
Subject: Fwd: DailyDDoSe™  The Aftermath SOS to the World || URGENT HUD SAFETY ISSUE!

It is 4:32pm. 

No access in or out of building D. 


Begin forwarded message:

Date: August 30, 2012 4:17:09 
DailyDDoSe™  The Aftermath SOS to the World

Vernon standing outside my window taunting me, making jokes to his pals and partners in grime.  

I am personally putting my name on this, and I approve this message:

Elyssa Durant, Ed.M.
Research & Policy Analyst
Field Research Notes 8/30/2012
Policy Dev. & Program Evaluation  
"Expert Witness Report"


At the request of the Residents who are afraid to speak up I will do it for them since there is currently a barefoot  on the tractor and wood chipper.

I am a mandatory reporter. That is reckless endangerment and last time I didn't call, the kid left in an ambulance.

I'm qualified.


Neighbor horribly traumatized, asked me to please post anonymous SOS to the world since he too is trapped in the Danger Zone.

We SHOULD have received advance notice, but that's kinda the point to making people feel uncertainty and fear.

I was laughing, but imagine my poor friend sitting beneath a falling tree, unable to leave and unable to complain without fear of retribution by Vernon, management or his pack of wolves that enjoy seeing me in distress and do their best to intimidate, harass, threaten and at times punch, or throw things at my head because it makes them look cool and badass in front of their children and fellow gang members.

Well! Fuck. That. Shit.

Not afraid.

Engaged. Prepared. And ready for the next little PsyOp

Worth noting both my phones were remotely reset during the filming of this video.

This is NOT what I signed up for.

I speak for those who are too afraid or traumatized to speak for themselves.  

On behalf of AutismAid and my fellow humanEs suffering, I approve this message. 

This is me,

3:22 pm 8/30/12

Previous video text:

Was scheduled for surgery but observed a number of work vehicles and   lurking so I pulled a fast one. The minute they thought I was gone, I went back and stopped pest control in my hallway with spray.

He has master key, and I am "NO SPRAY" for medical reasons, yet Vernon sprayed aerosols three times in hallway every time I attempted to leave. Now I have serious reaction and I sent a firm reminder NO


NOW, TWO Garbage trucks just pulled in from both opposite directions along with dump truck but my video died (it usually does when all these things get caught on tape) but it's not even garbage day and they didn't take all the trash! So let the record show that my "gut" that told me things were going to get "busy" was spot fucking on! Imagine  had I gone for surgery?

How would I navigate this barricade of lumber, spray, and various strategically placed barriers to limit my mobility and freedom to move about freely in this HUD / FEMA funded project in the wealthy East Nashville neighborhood.  

For more on "The Politics of Destruction" and the history of the notorious House District 52 please visit my mirror site as my main blog is receiving too much traffic from Washington, DC, Moscow, Israel, and Iran!

Just me,


Stay put! They are about to pull down a tree using a tow rope.


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