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City Police covering up paedophile ring |

City Police covering up paedophile ring

November 5th 2011 6:35 AM

Bishopsgate | 03.11.2011 09:56

City of London Police are covering up a paedophile ring after arresting a man in connection with an indecent image

City of London Police are investigating an alleged paedophile ring that is believed to have infiltrated Croydon High School for Girls and that has been linked to a prominent law firm in the City of London.

Lovells, winner of the Los Angeles Business Journal and the Euromoney European Women in Business Law Awards 2011, has been named along with the prestigious Croydon High School for Girls in connection with the arrest of a man 5 weeks ago.

Detective Constable 421 Sophina Hussain of Bishopsgate Police Station is leading the investigation.

The arrested man, who has not been charged, is believed also to have implicated a 57 year old Reigate woman in connection with the distribution of child pornography. It is believed this
investigation is also linked to an alleged attempt to hire a hit man in 2008, which made national headlines.

The man claims to have brought these allegations to the attention of Surrey Police in December 2008 but says he was “warned off” after a police officer was implicated. An officer from Caterham CID threatened to frame him for the distribution of Class A drugs if he
opened his mouth, he said.

It is not known at this stage if any computers will be seized either from Lovells or from Croydon High School in connection with this investigation, which appears to have stalled while City of London Police consider the best way to silence the man they arrested but others are already beginning to wish they hadn’t.

Please don’t contact DC Hussain or DC Fisk at Bishopsgate because they will refuse to comment.


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