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Matt Edelstein and #StopRush Employed Brett Kimberlin’s Pal Neal Rauhauser As Their Private Investigator | The Trenches

The Trenches published a post yesterday containing various unedited excerpts from an illegally recorded phone call between Matt Edelstein, and a man still only known to us as “Randy” in the recording. In this post there  are a couple of excerpts wherein Matt discusses a private investigator that was employed to research Randy.


Remember how Matt forgot he already said who shared the information! “Comedy gold” as a certain “private investigator” likes to say. You’ll see that phrase again in the embedded document at the end of this piece.


We now have our answer about this mystery investigator. It’s Neal Rauhauser.

In another email tip to The Trenches, we obtained the following correspondence from the groups at Google Groups. Social Action Steering? Sounds very Marxy, you Stop Rush buffoons.

Interesting. I’m mentioned again. Matt sure spends a lot of time talking about someone he deems irrelevant. The bold comments in the email are my emphasis.

On Sun, May 20, 2012 at 1:33 PM, Shoq value wrote:
Well here we go,

Randy has made another move (probably confirming that the leaked picture of “shoq” last night to Brooksbayne was the first move):

Julie just forwarded this to me. Now he’s reaching out to other progressives in our streams, trying to tarnish me and the stoprush effort by completing flipping reality, projecting everything we know about him onto me.

He probably chose laffy because he knows of our past differences and figured that was the best place to spread his toxic meme. What he doesn’t know is that Laffy already inquired with Krystal last week, and Krystal said “we don’t like or trust this guy,” or words to that effect.

Gottaff and I have had our issues in the past, but she’s a good progressive, and not a fool. She will probably see through this, based on what Krystal already forewarned her of (when Laffy wisely reached out to ask Krystal of clarification about Randy last week), and Julie explaining how we’ve already checked him out and virtually nothing he says is true.

Julie’s instinct was always that this guy was a right wing disrupter, and she may or may not have been right, but it’s clear he plans on trying to make trouble among progressives, and I assume Laffy and her friends would resist such nonsense, despite our personal dramas.

So now what?

You can be sure he’s trying to plant this meme anywhere he can. If I go public on the blog, it reveals that one of the noisier stop rush workers was a plant or a flake. But do we really care? I am not sure. It depends on how it’s constructed. Is it worse to give them a few days of noise, or let this asshat create all kinds of disruption? It’s a jump ball.

I feel that if we don’t expose him, he’s only going to try to do more and more of this subterfuge.

I am CCing Neal Rauhauser on this letter. He knows these right wing operatives (which Randy may or may not be) better than most of us, and he may have some insight into which approach is best. He’s probably just a flake trying to repair his soiled rep now, but I admit there are a lot of things that support Julie’s theory that he’s trying to disrupt all of us as a professional mission. We need to know more about that “law firm” he seems comfortable associating with. Do they have a relationship to Radio Host mikeberry? I am still fairly sure that if Randy had a stealth agenda, it was to use StopRush to fake-attack Berry, thus building his national ID and rep. Kinda clever, actually. And this letter to laffy shows he’s far more duplicitous (and craftier) than his folksy voice and manner would indicate.

I figure I may just have my lawyer send this Laffy letter back to him, and ask for an explanation.


I especially enjoy the detail about Krystal stringing me along! Damn that woman :)

Well, well, well, CCing Neal Rauhauser about Randy? Krystal Ball, the MSNBC contributor, is clearly involved in this leftist cabal according to this email. And we can see that Matt is bent on “exposing” Randy. Also, Matt thinks this will all just blow over in a couple days. Still clinging to that theory, Edelstein? Maybe you were correct about your infiltrator being “far more duplicitous (and craftier) than his folksy voice and manner would indicate”. Lesson? Don’t underestimate Blue Dog Democrats.


Is this your best James Bond, Mr. Private Investigator? FFS! My mind's eye just went blind...


What in the name of all that is holy is going on in this picture, Rauhauser? And why did you ever think that posting this online publicly would be a good idea? If you were going for that James Bond look, you missed the mark, brony.


Anyway, as you’ll see below, to Edelstein and his extremist pals, “exposing” Randy means that Neal Rauhauser and his friends will “dox” someone named Jason that they believe is their infiltrator Randy Hahn. Here Neal responds to Matt’s inquiry, and Matt forwards it along with his response back to Neal and the Marxy “Social Action Steering” Google group.

A fun little tête-à-tête amongst neo-Marxist activists.

——– Original Message ——–

Subject: Re: Confidential. Our eyes only
Date: Sun, 20 May 2012 14:04:53 -0400
From: Shoq value <>
To: neal rauhauser <>
CC: socialactionsteering <>

Thanks Neal,

Are you saying that you have found a Randy Hahn who runs that organization? Or were you being facetious?  When will we know more from the lawyer? May we copy Laffy on this? Your call.

On 5/20/2012 1:58 PM, neal rauhauser wrote:

I heard of this guy maybe a week ago. Per my investigation:

   Texas Coalition Against the Death Penalty has never heard of him.

   Gulf Coast Planned Parenthood does not know him as a donor, nor has he been visible with any anti-abortion crazies.

   DeGeurin & Dickison is not a big firm and they are indeed on the 7th floor of 1018 Preston in Houston.  The 6th floor is another law firm and the office manager at D&D has been there twenty years, never heard of R.J. Taylor-Hahn, Randy Hahn, or any “The Press, LLC”.

   Randy Hahn, Houston coordinator for Moderation Management (drunks who aren’t yet ready to recover), 42 years old, and apparently living in his mother’s basement(?)

   Two bit grifter, ideological bent, snooping as best he can under his own name,  unaware of the hideous things that will lunge out of the shadows at him.

    D&D said they’d do a cease & desist letter to get him to stop mentioning their name and given the information he has collected on some of you a charge for identity theft might be just the thing – the firm does criminal work so they presumably know where to take this. I will check up on these things on Monday.

   I have been sorely tempted to point him out to various actors – a guy like this, he could really produce some high quality entertainment for 4chan, Something Awful, Encyclopedia Dramatica, etc.

Ah, yes. Observe Neal’s telltale style of indenting emails. Remember who else does this? He would be none other than the “Gaped Crusader” sockpuppet also involved in this drama. I’ll bet ten thousand bucks that it’s Neal. More on Gaped Crusader’s sockpuppetry soon. Patterico, is it time to start the Gaped Crusader exposé? I think it is.

The first line of Neal’s email demonstrates that he’s admitted to conducting an investigation.

Neal, you little weasel! Why are you spying on Americans on behalf of Stop Rush, an extreme leftist political organization bent on silencing conservative speech, with ties to Media Matters for America? Wait… you’re a former eco-leftist? How did you move from huffing ammonia and hugging trees to leftist propaganda and overall asshattery? I see your little grubby fingerprints everywhere on Twittergate, Weinergate, Swattergate, Twittergulag, Anonymous/AnonyOps, Occupy, and StopRush, Mr. Rauhauser. All this goofy chicanery attacking Americans’ First Amendment rights. Can there be anything more un-American than assaulting others’ First Amendment freedoms?

True to form, Neal closes his email with threats. Some of these leftists like to try to destroy people’s reputations using basic oppo research that’s been leveraged against politicians for decades (AKA “doxing”). Wait a minute… didn’t that burn notice about Randy Hahn end up on Pastebin? Doh, and they already deleted it! Feeling the heat, perckerwoods? Guess what?! I still have the text from that Pastebin. I’ve embedded it below.

An example of Neal’s “hideous things that will lunge out of the shadows at” Randy? You decide. See how the first couple lines are indented – that peculiar telling habit again. Note how they admit that they’re anonymous in this statement: “Ask not for whom Anonymous trolls, Jason XXXX XXXXXX, Legion trolls for thee”

Neal, since we all know that you are behind this, why are you and/or your friends still such peckerwoods? And why, as leftists, are y’all so damned homophobic? The “faggot” comment about Ali Akbar is a bit much, don’t you think, tolerant left? Look in the mirror and say hi to your Gaped Crusader persona for me. He’s up next.

Hell, and we’re not even to Occupy Wall Street yet, Neal (and in small part, Matt). This is going to be a blast for the next couple weeks. Just make some popcorn, sit back, relax, and enjoy us exposing you. Your “friends” keep rolling over on you, as evidenced by my overflowing email inbox. As Oscar Wilde once said (you leftists read him right? I’m really trying to connect with you here.), ”A true friend stabs you in the front.“ Whoa… since The Trenches have engaged your deception via our full-frontal tactics, does this mean that we’re all friends now?! Mind blown. AMIRIGHT?!

By the way Neal, do you also consider Van Jones a close friend, or is that just Matt’s description of Van? I’m very curious about your answer to that question.

Bellum Letale

so glad to know SOmebody is FINALLY investigating this shit!

p.s. I told you so!


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