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June 17, 2011 Bait & Switch  The DailyDDoSe™ June 29, 2012


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Fwd: Infosec Island Now Registering New Bloggers/Contributors

Who do I send this to? FBI didn't take report seriously yet they confiscated botnets. This #SWAT thing is serious. Local police aren't even smart enough to spell my name correctly on reports. 

I have video, documented evidence, but my pc and cell keep getting hacked, stolen, jammed and searched by police without warrant or "official complaint" and even when they see evidence of a crime, they fail to process evidence when I hand it to them. Enough. Is. Enough. 

"I'm going to kill you, your mommy and daddy too." Then he throws through a brick through safety glass missing my head by six inches. Police didn't even review surveillance tape. He was never arrested and police Lt. is total complete fucking moron, not to mention stupid too. Insults my intelligence AND my integrity.

He lied to my face, and violated department policy and sent FOUR units to crime scene spent four hours speaking to convicted criminals before taking a statement from me; and this is after TWO cops (against standard operating procedure) show up at my home with "no official complaint" just a friendly visit to search my cell phone with out a warrant? How stupid do you people think I am? Officer says to me, "and what's this about your twittering?" I laughed, responded, "my account is private" and he says, "well apparently you have a lot of followers." Damn straight I do! And I'm not looking for anymore, thank you very much! 

I know my rights, and I did not assert them because I haven't committed a crime, but now that I have corroboration the harassment has gotten worse. 

As per Franks advice, I'm getting the hell out of this state if they let me.  I have a job offer and I am selecting courses at Columbia since the Director of academic computing encouraged me to come work with them and write a book about "TwitterGate" "HackGate" from an insiders perspective; but there is a time and place for everything, and given my experience and expertise in health care law and policy, I am not going to jeopardize my health or well being or be intimidated by false claims and "unofficial" complaints. There are three sides to every story, and I'm offering you #ONE.

As someone who is freelance writer, I am exercising my basic fundamental rights to free speech, respecting others who respect me, and offering insights that have more often than not proven to be spot on. As a graduate student who studies public journalism and media studies, responsible reporter needs three sources to confirm a story. You always go to the source. I am the original source, and I am of course biased, but at least I admit it. That's all for today, Just me, e, @ELyssaD™


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From: "Anthony M. Freed (LinkedIn Messages)" <>
Date: June 17, 2011 12:32:18 PM CDT
To: Elyssa Durant 
Subject: RE: Infosec Island Now Registering New Bloggers/Contributors


Anthony M. Freed has sent you a message.

Date: 6/17/2011

Subject: RE: Infosec Island Now Registering New Bloggers/Contributors


Well, JadedSecurity is the one who wrote the article blasting Joe black - that was their opinion, we just posted it. Krypt3ia is one of our regular contributors, and apparently not a fan of Black and Berg either. WireheadLance is one of my business partners at Infosec Island. I don't know Reza from Adam. We are an open forum, so we do give some latitude to member who wish to present their opinions, but we try to quash any unfounded personal attacks, as that is not what our site is for. We want open, honest debate, and I was glad to see you posted some comments in response to JadedSecurity's post. Evidence and documentation are key - fight them with the facts! and, have a great weekend...

On 06/16/11 4:44 PM, Elyssa Durant wrote:
hey-- i've got three people who just registered- part of lulz taking hits all over the web, kryp3ia jadedsecueity and wiredheadlance (sp?) they are taking personal attacks and they associated with rezarafarti and the cyberwarzone who i happen to believe is the one who placed the image on joe's site because he has admin privileges. i told joe that i didn't trust reza [i've been doing "this" for over a year] and reza is associated with neils who, skypotrol, firetown and other known hackers who are on the terror watch list. SO.... i guess i'm not as "appealing" as you thought. i seem to have a lot of enemies out there. tough day to be a SOlo operator in the buckle of the bible belt.

In short, I feel their personal attacks compromise the integrity of infosecisland. Your publication has always been excellent in terms of "news" and they are using the site for muckraking and personal attacks. [i went to journalism school so i'm pretty familiar with the concept]

thanks anthony, what a mess we have on our hands!



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